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About Santorini


Characterized by its fertile volcanic soil and its strategic position in the South Aegean, Santorini is an exceptional island favored from nature. The Minoan, Cycladic, Classical Greek and Venetian civilizations that thrived in these lands since thousands of years have left behind traces of an extraordinary culture with invaluable artworks found in various forms of art.

Santorini is now considered as one of the top destinations in the world due to its natural beauty, history, contemporary culture and plethora of traditional settlements and sights. The distinctive architectural structure of the buildings consists of unique domes and arched roofs constructed underground on the edge of the caldera cliffs.

Museums and art institutions present rare works of art found in the island’s archaeological excavations such as Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, highlighting the multicultural character of Santorini. Today, art galleries, exhibitions and music festivals add to the island's great cultural tradition and sculpt a new aspect in the field of contemporary artistic expression.