About Mati Art Gallery

Mati Art Gallery

Mati Art Gallery in Fira is the main venue where visual artist Yorgos Kypris displays his work. It was established in 1990 in Santorini, an island in constant motion, shaped and changed by the forces of nature and social interactions. Within the framework of a society which is influenced by universal and local dynamics, Mati Art Gallery is committed to following the developments, while it remains faithful to its values, as an exponent of fine taste and contemporary perceptions about art.

Every year thousands of visitors of different nationalities, with diverse backgrounds and beliefs, have the opportunity to become acquainted with Yorgos Kypris' work. The artist primarily explores human behavior and actions, and aims at raising awareness to his public of issues of artistic, social and environmental interest.

What is therefore achieved, is a continuous exchange of artistically expressed ideas, that leads in creating works that manage to aesthetically appeal to the public, and to introduce the viewers in a world of profound feelings and meanings.