What are your operating hours, and are you open all year-round?

MATI Fira: April 1st- October 31st, all week including weekends
April & May:
10am – 9pm
10am – 10pm
July, August, September:
10am – 11pm
10am – 9pm

MATI Mesaria June 17th – October 31st
M, T, W, T, F, S 10am – 9pm (by appointment only – please refer to the booking form on our website)
Sunday 10am – 7pm (no booking needed)

Do you have a gallery in Athens?

We don’t have a gallery in Athens, but resident artist & owner Yorgos Kypris’s studio is located there. The workshop is not an exhibition space, but we do take appointments, for more specific cases, such as pick-ups, commission inquiries and larger projects.

How can I book my visit & is there an entrance fee?

You can book your visit by using our form “Book your visit” on our homepage or MATI Mesaria page. There’s no entrance fee, just bring your curiosity, a hat and sunglasses.

How do I get there?

You can’t reach Santorini by train or bicycle, but you can do so via planes & ferries. To reach our location in Fira or Mesaria there are the options of public & private transport, taxis and car rentals. Don’t be shy to reach out if you need any guidance!

Is there wheelchair access?

There’s wheelchair access for the majority of the space. That is all the interior spaces and part of the exterior space. There’s no wheelchair access in part of the gardens, and there’s no wheelchair access in the restrooms.

Can I visit with children and/or animals?

All are welcome, even art aficionados that bark.

Are there restrooms?

Ok that’s a lot of questions already. Don’t worry, there are restrooms…


Which artworks are available for sale?

All the artworks found in our “available artworks” on the menu bar.

Are the available artworks originals or limited/open editions?

We don’t discriminate, you will find all of the above. The majority of the works are originals, the ones that are not are visibly marked – you will also find these in the “Available Artworks” section.

Can I shop online?

We like talking to people and we like to informative towards our clients; you won’t find a click-and-buy option here, but instead we implore you to get in in touch with us either via a project inquiry, direct email, phone call or telepathy. We’ll get back to you with everything you need to know!

Do you customize art/ Do you work with commissions?

MATI’s history is rich with commissioned art, spanning more than three decades and found worldwide. When they get in touch, our small and big profile clients want their space to inspire a mood by experiencing something outside the box. What idea do you have on your mind?

Visit our “Commissions” page for some inspiration, and get in touch with us via email at [email protected].

Will the color of the artwork look the same as it appears on my screen?

There are subtle variations between monitors, screen resolutions, brightness and lighting which can affect the appearance of the artwork. This also applies when experiencing art in real life; low or strong light, natural or artificial. While we pay careful attention to accurately represent the color as close to the original as possible, you may see a slight difference from your screen to real life. If there are any questions do let us know.


Which are the available shipping options?

We collaborate with DHL Express and postal services and we ship worldwide. The differences are cost and delivery times which are based on the location of the receiver and the total weight/volume of the parcel. If you inquire about an artwork, we will include all necessary information and options in our answer.

How long does it take for the shipment to arrive?

The time we take to prepare and ship depends on whether the artworks are currently on exhibition, readily available or commissioned. The shipping time itself depends on the location and in some cases the size of the parcel. In very broad terms DHL Express takes between two and six days, and the post office between one and three weeks. You can find out specifically how long the work you are interested in will take to ship; let us know which piece you are looking for and make sure you tell us in which country we will be shipping. We will get back to you will all the necessary information.

What if my order arrives damaged?

In the extremely unlikely event this will happen, your parcels are fully insured and you can either choose to replace the artwork or have your money back, simple as that.

Will I have to pay custom duties upon delivery?

Generally speaking, all shipments within the E.U have no custom duties, and all countries outside the E.U might have duties. If any, these depend on the value of the item. As each country has its own custom laws on duties, we don’t hold this information, therefore if you are uncertain make sure you contact your local customs. We will gladly advise you the best we can and provide you with any information regarding the parcel you will be receiving.

What is your return policy?

Our policy is a no-return policy unless the artwork has been damaged or lost in transit (see more info above).

What are the payment options?

Once we finalize our agreement and shipping information, you can pay with your credit card through a secured link, or you can pay via a bank/wire transfer. If you are purchasing in-store you can directly pay with credit card as well. Please note the AMEX cards is not an option for online payments.

Can customers pay in installments?

We don’t operate with instalments, however you can pay a 50% deposit for your artwork in advance, and the remaining balance before shipping. Our policy is the full payment before shipping.


I am an artist, how can we collaborate?

Our philosophy is sharing contemporary perceptions with people, so let’s work together. Get in touch and send us your portfolio at [email protected], we will review it and get back to you whether it would be possible to collaborate or not.