Established in 1990 at a central location of Santorini’s capital, our showroom serves as an entry point to the universe of MATI. In case you get bored, it also offers an amazing view to the caldera.


MATI Santorini was founded in 1990 as a gallery dedicated to the imaginative work of sculptor and installation artist Yorgos Kypris. Its unique position atop the cliffside of Fira, commands a breathtaking view of the caldera, its islets, and the volcano. Reminding him of an observatory, it prompted the artist to call the gallery MATI, which is the Greek word for “eye”. The gallery’s foundation in observation underscores its deep connection to the island’s essence, including its people, landscapes, and cultural dynamics.Our showroom at MATI Fira hosts an unparalleled range of very unique art, from sculptures and installations, to prints and designer jewelry, all hosted in one of the most privileged locations of Santorini’s main town.


Yorgos Kypris (b. 1954) is an observer of the world; he collects impressions and images from the depths of the sea and shares them with us, channeling them by weighing his own presence on the planet and his relationship with the world. If you ask him, one of the answers you will get is that this is largely fueled by childhood memories and consumer guilt. At the same time, he eavesdrops on the internal workings of the human soul and expresses its deepest emotion in his large installations. Yorgos Kypris’ art has always turned its viewers into observers of artisanship, vibrant streams and raw emotions. His ecological conscience and empathy for people and animals alike sit in the center of transmitting his message to the viewer.


Perched on the cliffs of Santorini, a charming jewellery design shop beckons with its whitewashed allure and captivating creations. The intimate space reveals skilled artisans crafting bespoke pieces inspired by the island’s history and scenic beauty. From silver earrings mirroring the sea’s waves to gold necklaces capturing the sun’s warmth, each piece seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary flair. This Santorini gem invites visitors to embrace the island’s enchantment through timeless and elegant adornments.

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Fabrica Shopping Center Fira, 847 00 Santorini, Greece

Monday to Sunday

April, May, October
10AM – 9PM
10AM – 10PM
July, August, September
10AM – 11PM

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