MATI Mesaria

Immerse yourselves in an unconventional art experience in a historic winery. Join us as we navigate the currents of Greek and international contemporary art, while breathing new life into the ancient culture, traditions and materials that make Santorini unique.

Not just an art space

Established in 2024 within a 1900 canava (Santorinian term for winery), MATI Mesaria is a contemporary art space nestled amidst historic buildings and gardens, meticulously restored to Greek archaeological standards. We pay homage to its rich history while inviting visitors to experience our unique artistic philosophy and serene ambiance – if you feel like escaping the big crowds of course!



Yorgos Kypris

17 June — 31 October 2024
Opening on Saturday 15 June at 6PM
MATI Mesaria

Our mission is two-fold: honoring the narrative of this historic winery and introducing a fresh cultural profile to the island. Our offerings include group exhibitions, artist residencies and a permanent solo exhibition featuring the legacy of Yorgos Kypris alongside local and international talents. We aim to foster harmony between tourism and local culture, providing an intimate atmosphere amidst modern tourism’s hustle and bustle. Beyond being just an art space, we aspire to accelerate societal transformation, bridging the gap between the past, present, and future.

Never heard of Mesaria?

Welcome to a village nestled in the heart of Santorini, where tradition reigns supreme and life’s rhythm takes its sweet time. Mesaria, once the island’s commercial hotspot, maintains its authenticity with a unique architectural blend of buildings half-buried in rocks, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for a bubble of serenity, Mesaria might just where you want to be.

And those canavas?

These historic spots were the original hangouts for small-scale winemakers, boasting naturally cool and damp interiors. Nowadays, they’re rare gems, overshadowed by modern winemaking techniques. But fear not, each standing canava tells a rich tale of tradition and local flavor, preserving Santorini’s winemaking heritage.

Wine enthusiasts, we haven’t forgotten about you!

Welcome to Santorini’s wine culture! Here, wine isn’t just a drink – it’s woven into the very fabric of Santorinian way of life and its rich history. We’ve got Assyrtiko, the rockstars of Greek grapes, soaking up all the volcanic goodness from the soil like it’s nobody’s business. Trust us, you won’t find this crisp and acidic profile anywhere else in the world.


MATI is here to shake things up, blending cultural immersion with contemporary art. Why stick to tradition when you can redefine it? So, raise your glass, embrace the atmosphere, and join us on this unique journey!


Michail Danezi Mesaria, 847 00 Santorini, Greece

Monday to Saturday
10AM – 9PM

10AM – 7PM
(no booking needed)

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