Contemporary Expression
Nested in Tradition

Our story in Santorini began in 1990 when artist Yorgos Kypris established MATI (Greek word for “eye”) in Fira, a gallery that entwined his story with the island. After three decades, the gallery and its art remain grounded in observation: of nature, of people, of the human psyche, and the juxtaposition of their constant and evolving natures as experienced on Santorini and beyond.

With a nod to the past three decades, MATI has developed a new location in Mesaria. In keeping with the country’s archaeological regulations, a historic winery has been lovingly restored to host the new phase of our artistic exploration. The space seeks to harmonize the relationship of tourism with the culture of the locality. With a limited number of visitors, we can showcase the intimate rhythm and atmosphere that the rush of modern tourism threatens to eliminate from the island.


Besides the breathtaking views, white architecture and donkeys mounted with pale tourists, the island of Santorini is a privileged gastronomical destination. Its particular volcanic geology has made Santorini’s wines highly estimated worldwide and the culprit of numerous acts of debauchery, mostly amongst the aristocracy.


The enchanting island of Santorini emerges as not just a scenic marvel but a highly sought-after gastronomical destination. This privileged status is attributed to the island’s distinctive volcanic geology, which has bestowed upon Santorini’s wines an esteemed global reputation. These wines, known for their unique terroir and exceptional flavors, have become the centerpiece of numerous acts of lavish celebration, predominantly within the circles of the aristocracy who indulge in the finest Santorinian delicacies amid this paradisiacal setting.